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<span style="color:#3eb5e9 !important; font-size:40px;">J</span>work <span style="color:#3eb5e9 !important; font-size:25px;">TMS</span>
Jwork TMS

A platform that allows to manage and optimize the transport activities, Jwork tms aims to control the transport process, by offering a control of flows, costs as well as the necessary time for the transport of the goods...

<span style="color:#4bae32 !important; font-size:40px;">J</span>work <span style="color:#4bae32 !important; font-size:25px;">ERP</span>
Jwork ERP

A software that allows you to manage the processes for your business by integrating several management functions: solution for human resources management, procurement, payroll and financial and analytical accounting...

<span style="color:#5600db !important; font-size:40px;">J</span>work <span style="color:#5600db !important; font-size:25px;">Dashboard</span>
Jwork Dashboard

The dashboard is a management tool for a company made up of several performance indicators and whose main purpose is to anticipate foreseeable developments and encourage top management to make decisions.

<span style="color:#9e11f7 !important; font-size:40px;">J</span>work <span style="color:#9e11f7 !important; font-size:25px;">SYNDIC</span>

A 100% online management interface for trustees. A personalized web and mobile application! Takes the theme of each residence (logo, color…)

<span style="color:#9b3e5b !important; font-size:40px;">J</span>work <span style="color:#9b3e5b !important; font-size:25px;">DEVIS</span>

A software that allows automated management of calls for tenders, detection of calls for tenders according to your sector of activity, preparation of answers and management of assignments, management of the tender study process and follow-up of results...

<span style="color:#ecb341 !important; font-size:40px;">J</span>work <span style="color:#ecb341 !important; font-size:25px;">RECOVERY</span>

A software that automates the recovery process, Jwork Recovery's mission is to manage your payment instances and automate the recovery process to sponsor your business and carry out your results in recovery...

<span style="color:#e42729 !important; font-size:40px;">J</span>work <span style="color:#e42729 !important; font-size:25px;">GRC</span>
Jwork GRC

An automation platform and management of municipal revenues, efficiently manage your taxes, fees and recoveries, view the evolution of all recipes in real time and Control all of your taxes...

<span style="color:#f011f7 !important; font-size:40px;">J</span>work <span style="color:#f011f7 !important; font-size:25px;">ESB</span>
Jwork ESB

A software architecture that allows the integration of diverse and heterogeneous applications on a message and data bus, Jwork esb makes it possible to fluidify data exchanges between applications thanks to its message bus...


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// Jway services

Solutions intégrées
par Jway

Sage Accounting Software is the perfect solution for all of your accounting concerns. It is an affordable, easy-to-use interface that allows you to centralise all your business’s accounting information, including invoicing, banking and expenses ...

Communication and Document Management solutions for large public and private organizations facing the challenge of managing and producing significant volumes of documents. It operates in outgoing mail management, publishing and distributing documents...

Dolibarr ERP CRM is an open source, free software package for small and medium companies, foundations or freelancers. It includes different features for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) ...

Odoo is an all-in-one management software that offers a range of business applications that form a complete suite of enterprise management applications targeting companies of all sizes. Odoo is an all-in-one business software including CRM...