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Puyo Puyo Tetris Review

It should go without saying, but outside of the story, these Tetris and Puyo Puyo games are pretty damn good. Combining their seemingly uncombinable rules into individual matches is an even bigger stroke of genius, and one that we’ll talk more about later. If you would like to see more games with Puzzle-elements, you may be interested in our review of Warioware – Get it Together.

  • For some of levels, I would strongly advise you fully understand the concept of chaining as that will be a requirement in later levels.
  • The goal in Tetris 99 is the same as other versions of Tetris.
  • You can check out my full review here, but the variety and flexibility of play modes and styles, in addition to the bright and colorful visuals, really make the game stand out.
  • But this game appears to be no joke and it appears to be excellent in its execution.

Launched in September 2018, Nintendo Switch Online is the gaming company’s third-generation online subscription service, following in the footsteps of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and Nintendo Network. It’s the counterpart to the likes of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PlayStation Plus. James Batchelor has been a journalist in the games industry since 2006, joining GamesIndustry in 2016, and also runs Non-Violent Game of the Day (@NVGOTD).

Free Nintendo Switch games: Multiplayer games

Before the match starts the player can choose their team, each team can have up to 25 players, and the match a total of 99 players. Up to four teams fight for the top spot, the team with the last player standing wins. To earn XP, the player must remain in the match until the end. While spectating another player, the player can give a like to cheer an ally on their team. This also earns the player extra experience points based on the team’s final ranking.

Maybe my love of Tetris 99 has to do with the fact that I’m finally good at one of these fucking BR games. Basically, all 99 players try to throw garbage blocks at each other by stringing together combos while throwing down doubles, triples, and Tetrises. And also doing these things called T-Spins that I never fully got the hang of.

Marvel’s 2023 Free Comic Book Day offerings will set up some big events

Shame there’s no new theme this time, but I’ll still participate. I have grabbed all the special themes till now but having an option to unlock those later is always welcome. Somehow these Maximus Cups keep happening on weekends when I’m traveling, and I am at the risk of missing out. In fact, I kind of hate the concept of having content locked out with respect to timed events/pre-orders, etc. There should always be a way to get those items by means of fair gameplay, even if we get it a bit later.

TheBig BlockDLC adds a couple of new game modes toTetris 99. CPU Battle – Play Tetris 99 offline against 98 CPU players. The delivery date gives you an indication of how long it will take to receive the item. It´s based on the preparation time, the delivery service selected on the Shopping Basket page and when we receive cleared payment. Both games dangle real-life and AI constructs as factors in your own screen’s basic challenge crux.

Adventure Mode

There are a growing number of characters to add to a roster that’s already at 75 and counting. This couch co-op fighting game is another game that allows for online play, or you can join everyone on one screen . According to the translated version of the page, “a new mode will be added to enjoy offline with friends and family”. We imagine this means it’ll add an offline multiplayer mode.

This limited edition contains a pack of eight cards, three of which are based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series for even more cross-over fun. Puyo Puyo Tetris is a love letter to strategic puzzle games the world over and just so happens to also be one of the best puzzle packages currently on the market. Time will tell if the only multiplayer pans out, but otherwise Puyo Puyo Tetris is easy for me to recommend. This game is chocked full of game modes and rule variations, both single player and multiplayer. For that reason alone, it’s a must-buy for those that love click here to hop into a round of Tetris on our website either franchise.



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